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really simple drag and drop

Drag & Drop Form Builder

TDB Forms uses an advanced Drag & Drop interface. Just "drag" and "drop" a field wherever you want it to be.

Drag & Drop technique is easy, convenient and simple to use during your form building. With our drag and drop form builder no code knowledge is required.

Even complex stuff (check boxes, select boxes, radio buttons, file uploads) become simple. Let's look at it.

When you select to create a form you see a blank form

The field are on the left and you can just drag them to the canvas. Likewise dragging stuff ofg the canvas will remove the item.

So we removed the "Untitled Form" and text and dragged across a text field

so we now have a basic text field with the very basic requirements - but selecting more will bring up many more


So we are going to have a field called name which is required with some help text. Just fill in the form and we get

and we would like to know what are their interests - a checkbox here

And so on and we build up the form

We give it a name (useful!) and make some selection as to the type:

All we need to do now is save it and it is done - we could see the code if we want.



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