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Form Builder

  • Build any type of online forms: Contact forms, Order forms, Registration forms, Online surveys, Trivias and more.
  • Drag-and-drop your form elements to rearrange them. No coding skills required.
  • Touch-friendly Drag and Drop
  • W3C-valid HTML5 Fields
  • Electronic Signature Field
  • Add, Duplicate, Edit, Update and Delete Fields easily
  • Built-in support for users on smart-phones, tablets, and other mobile devices.
  • Create Multi-Step Forms
  • Add friendly hints and placeholders, making your forms easier and friendlier to fill out.
  • Set a default value for certain fields. They’ll be submitted if the visitor doesn’t change them.
  • Allow users to upload files
  • Accept any file type
  • Optionally limit the size or type of file you want
  • Add advanced field validation
  • Write your very own field validation rules using regular expressions
  • Set a specific space between your fields with our Spacer Field.
  • Use a powerful wysiwyg editor with our HTML Snippet Field
  • Embed images, videos and maps
  • Include Google reCAPTCHA in your forms
  • Multiple reCAPTCHA theme options.
  • Smart reCAPTCHA. Save the correct answer of a user. So, he don’t have to fill it again.
  • Bootstrap CSS Support
  • Set the positioning of your field labels across your form.
  • Checkboxes and Radio Buttons can have images or icons
  • Custom Checkbox and Custom Radio Button by using CSS styles
  • Remove javascript code in the HTML generated by the Form Builder
  • Set an Alias to each Form Field to identify it or export it with a customized parameter

Form Manager

  • Duplicate Forms (Including Form Fields, Form Settings, Notifications, Conditional Rules, Theme)
  • Import / Export Forms between different sites
  • Use a unique URL to easily share/link a full-page form.
  • Share friendly links to your forms
  • Easily embed your form in your website, blog, shop —wherever you want it! No extra programming needed – just copy our code.
  • Multiple embedding options and formats.
  • Add a custom confirmation message or redirect to another website
  • Add Field Variables in the URL to be redirected and confirmation messages
  • Load external javascript file
  • Anti – Spam Protection (HoneyPot Technique)
  • Generate Submission Number
  • Limit Submission per Time Period
  • Limit Submission by IP
  • Auto-deactivation by dates
  • Implement Save form & resume later
  • Forms with Password Protection
  • Assign your forms to different users
  • Embed your Forms only on authorized websites
  • Embed your Form in a PopUp or Modal Window
  • Compress the Forms’ Uploaded Images automatically

Popup Form Designer

  • Place the form inside a popup without write a single line of code
  • When it opens, focus will be restricted to elements inside the popup
  • Use our popup form to convert website visitors to subscribers
  • Choose between multiple colors, backgrounds, sizes, animations and effects
  • Configure the PopUp margin, padding, width, border with and border radius
  • Set the animation effect and animation duration
  • Change the Button text and button color
  • Place the Button position Inline or at the border of the Browser Window
  • See a preview and get the generated code with one click

Form Endpoints and Download

  • Form backend platform for designers and developers
  • Download Form Files with all their features or just the HTML & CSS files
  • Customize your forms on your website and/or mobile app
  • No Embeds or iFrames. No overrides! No scripts!
  • Use regular HTML forms or use the Form Endpoint as an API!
  • Standard form submission redirect back to your website. Our app is virtually invisible
  • Use custom field names in your external form
  • Easily collect unlimited files attachments per form submission
  • Our powerful server-side field validation system for your external forms
  • Spam Filtering and reCAPTCHA
  • AJAX Forms: Also, our endpoints accept Ajax Form requests.
  • CORS validation: Only accept form submissions from Authorized URLs
  • Get your responses in JSON, XML or simple HTML.

 Themes & Templates

  •     Customize your forms’ branding.
  •     Theme & Template Managers
  •     Advanced CSS Editor with Form Live Preview
  •     Easy integration with the forms
  •     Template Promotion and Categories
  •     Comes with +10 pro-level themes
  •     Templates for event registration, contact forms, customer surveys, trivias, RSVPs, and more.
  •     Administrators can assign Themes and Templates to another users


  •     Send Instant Notifications
  •     Be notified by email every time a form is submitted.
  •     Send confirmation messages (Email Auto-Responder)
  •     Send your customer a fully customizable email upon form submission. You can include data they entered in the message, too.
  •     Select multiple email fields in order to send email confirmations
  •     Set up multiple recipients
  •     HTML / Plain Text Email
  •     Wysiwyg Editor to edit email messages
  •     Upload images and add tables to your email messages
  •     File Attachment if your form has file upload fields
  •     Supply a custom “From” address for auto-response messages
  •     Use PHP mail() function
  •     Support for PHP SMTP Authentication. (Use your own SMTP mail server)
  •     Send Test Email
  •     Redirect your visitor to a specific URL after form submission.
  •     Send your submissions to another application or script
  •     Show your visitors or customer a custom message after submission.
  •     Hide empty fields in email notifications and confirmations


 Rule Builder

  •     Create the conditional logic easily, no coding knowledge required.
  •     Intuitive interface
  •     Multiple rules, conditions and actions
  •     Duplicate complex conditional rules in one click
  •     Reordering Conditional Logic using a Drag & Drop interface
  •     Show / Hide Fields
  •     Enable / Disable Fields
  •     Copy values from one field to another
  •     Copy HTML content from one HTML element to another
  •     Perform math operations
  •     Format numbers to look like currency, percentages, times… easily
  •     Format text string to merge field values and place them in another field
  •     Skip steps of multi step forms
  •     Enable / Disable Opposite actions
  •     Conditional Validation: Required validation only if the Field is visible


Submission Manager

  •     Advanced Submission Grid
  •     Alert new submissions
  •     View submission details
  •     Custom Submission Number
  •     Show / Hide Empty Fields in submission details
  •     Bulk Actions: Mark as Read / Unread
  •     Comment System (Leave a comment about the form submission)
  •     View sender information (with Leaflet Map and Google Map support)
  •     Edit and Delete each submission
  •     Export submissions as MS Excel or CSV
  •     Filter Form Submissions by Date Range
  •     Set a Date Range to export more granular entries
  •     Print form submissions (PDF compatible)

 Report Builder

  •     Build reports on form submission
  •     Use Row, Bar, Donut and Pie charts
  •     Move & Resize any chart
  •     Interact with your charts with one click
  •     Save Submissions Report as PDF with Browser print function


 Form Analytics

  •     Get an instant overview of form stats, including conversion rates.
  •     See how many people looked at your form.
  •     Know how many visits are made before your users send the form
  •     Improve the form and increase conversion rate
  •     Form Performance report
  •     Submissions Analytics report
  •     Track how many people started filling out your form.
  •     See the number of submissions for every form, in one single view!
  •     Disable form tracking on the fly

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